Taking Dance Classes and Preparing for Your Houston, Texas Wedding Swing Dance Surprise

How to Prepare for Your Wedding First Dance?

wedding-swing-dance3Don’t let your own wedding just happen without doing something big, in your bridal decor or in your wedding program. Even if you are only preparing a small and simple wedding event, you can still make it extraordinary and memorable not only for your but for everyone who present on this special day of yours. Why not do something surprising for your wedding first dance? Yes, doing a dance number may take a lot of your time and effort but in the end it will be all worth it and something that you must include on your wedding videos.

Make a good start on your wedding first dance surprise by taking wedding swing dance classes in Houston, TX. Especially if your main issue is actually your two left need, then you will definitely need help from dance teachers to remedy that. Swing dance is not a simple dance. It has basic steps that you must learn to execute any Swing dance properly and it is best to learn from professional dance teachers.

When it comes to choose the right music, your dance teacher and probably your hired wedding DJ could help you out. You can go traditional with classic Swing dance songs if you want something to reminisce with your elder guests. If you want something modern, there are now a lot of modern songs that you can use for Swing dance. Many new renditions of classic Swing dance songs are now produced as well like Pussycat Doll and Michael Bublé’s new take of Don Martin’s Sway, a song that should also be on your list.

As for the choreography, you can get this part from your wedding swing dance classes in Houston, TX that you attend to. Your dance teacher is more than welcome to create a choreographed dance that you can handle with ease and confidence. However, it won’t harm you if you learn something harder and new just to give a one of a kinds wedding first dance. It should not also stop from taking dance classes. Even if you have already finished your dance sessions, it is important to continue practicing until you master it. Practice is the key to flawless performance.

Don’t forget to prepare the proper attire. Yes, you may have a gorgeous wedding dress to wear but are you sure you can move and dance with ease with it? Probably you can take a little time to have a change of costume. A light and flowy dress or skirt and dance shoes are a must!

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