Staying Current Yet Delightful By Making Use Of The Trends From Bridal Stores In Chicago, IL

Modern and Delightful Trends from Bridal Stores

If you are to ask wedding planners here in Chicago, IL, they will always put emphasis that your wedding should be trendy at the same time delightful. So what does it mean when you say trendy and delightful? According to experts, it simply means that couples should infuse modern ideas in their wedding. Yes, you can plan for a timeless or classic wedding but that is so 2010. It is now 2017 and all bridal stores are ready to serve you with the latest trend. You definitely heard multiple times about this yet you still trying to learn more. Plainly because this topic has overabundant information everywhere. Nonetheless, finding quality material is difficult. Details on this topic, click to find out more.

Modern signage for weddings. If you have visited some bridal stores, you will see some custom made signage. However, those are already so yesterday since most brides have switched them to new materials and multitude of colors. The wedding signage of 2017 is making use of materials like Plexiglas, faux marble, slate, wood and many more that you can think of. These materials will surely create urban and modern feel that you have never experienced before in other weddings.

Metallic colors for dresses. If you visit urban and modern wedding stores, you will see that they have switched most of their dresses to the colored ones. One of the most defining styles when it comes to dresses this 2017 is the one that has metallic accent like silver or gold. Other metallic colors to choose from are bronze, pewter, rose gold and even copper. By mixing these colors, your dresses will surely look ultra modern and stunning.

Be ready for greenery. In a modern wedding, you don’t need a lot of flowers. Having too many flowers is just too expensive. According to modern designers, greenery will be the color of weddings this year and the next. This is very appealing because you bring simple modern feel in the venue by making use of small branches, garlands and other organic elements.

Installations for overhead space. Modern weddings are very unique in a sense that overhead spaces are being utilized by putting installations in different forms. The installations can be in the form of paper designs from bridal stores, lighting, greenery, florals and many more. Aside from those, you can also make use of garlands or chandeliers.  

Your wedding day is important and big event of your life. The question here is how do you want your wedding to look like? While thousands of couples out there stick with traditions, there are many others that really went out of the box and had fun here in Chicago, IL. To know more about the trends that you should infuse in your wedding, please visit the nearest reputable bridal stores. However, there is one caveat for you–it does not mean trendy you will add everything in your wedding. Make sure to only pick the ones which you think are really useful for your event.