Los Angeles, CA Engagement Ring Designers That You Need to Know

Popular Engagement Rings Designers

engagement ringsThere is a wide array of rings that you can choose for your engagement, just like when you plan for a perfect wedding decoration. Likewise, there are a lot of designers that are offering their services to clients so you do not have to worry about finding the best ring that will suit the personality of your partner.  When visiting your local jewelry shop, make sure that they are familiar with the top designers of engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA.

Here are some of the best designers that you need to look for when searching for the best engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA:

RITANI – In order to create RITANI rings, only the most beautiful and high quality diamond all over the world are being used. The diamond is set in platinum and 18 karat gold. All of RITANI engagement rings are durable and long lasting.

Tacori – Tacori have been designing platinum wedding jewelry for over twenty-five years. They have been graded as an innovator when it comes to the creation and design of wedding engagement and diamond engagement rings Los Angeles. You can choose from a wide array of designs and styles that they are offering.

Verragio – Is one of the leading designers when it comes to platinum jewelry, wedding bands and engagement ring.  They are well known for being known as the creator of the Lumino engagement ring setting which is a method that reveals all corners of the diamond. The rings are unique and crafted in gold and platinum.

Scott Kay – Is one of the world’s most sought after engagement ring designer. Every design that he make is handcrafted and hand forged into perfection. You can choose from a wide array of elegant and unique rings that are being sold.

These are some of the designers that you can choose from when looking for high quality engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA. Make sure that when you inquire about them when you visit your local jewelry shop. To find out more about these designers, you can also search online.

Gem Dynasty
550 S Hill St Suite 564 Los Angeles, CA 90013
(888) 566-4851

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