How to Get the Kids Take over the Dance Floor in Houston, TX Weddings

Kids at the Wedding Dance Floor

kids-wedding-dance2Wedding decor and dancing has become a huge part of wedding celebrations. From the first wedding dance of the newlyweds, father and daughter dance, mother and son dance to the dancing party to end the reception, the celebration is full of dancing aside from the food and drinks.

Most of the time, you will find adults and the seniors taking over the dance floor. It is normal because after all, it’s a celebration of adults united by marriage. You can rarely find kids or toddlers in weddings nowadays, because there are ‘adults only’ themed weddings. No kids in their cute dress and tie parading down the aisle before the bride. It works for some weddings, but other couples want the kids to have a role in their celebration.

You will certainly enjoy watching kids wedding dance in Houston, TX. Since the celebration is also about gathering together family and friends, the little ones should not be left out. When every adult and senior is enjoying and dancing to the beat of the wedding DJ, the young kids might feel left out. You can prepare fun activities for them in another room or area at the venue. However, it is still different to have little men and women dancing together with their parents in the dance floor.

It can be challenging to excite the kids to dance with everyone, especially when they are at their awkward stage. Since you want them to dance, the best way to entice them is through music. Kids don’t get easily interested with the songs being played in a wedding so they just sit there in the corner. You might want to consider including songs for kids in your playlist. Tell the DJ to play them for straight five to ten minutes between the mainstream pop and rock songs that you and your partner love.

What are the songs that kids will commonly dance along to? The little ones, either boys or girls, love Disney songs and guaranteed a hit, even for the oldies. Now the kids might not get to the dance floor by themselves, so encourage parents to hit the dance floor with their kids. When one kid finds another kid dancing, other kids will follow along. Three to five songs for kids will eventually tire them out from dancing. The adults and seniors can take over again the dance floor.

It’s good to watch kids wedding dance in Houston, TX, whether it’s your and your partner’s kids or of your guests. The little ones bring cuteness and refreshing vibe to the celebration especially with their hyper activeness.

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