Buying Handmade San Diego, CA Wedding Jewelry from Online Stores

Online High Quality Handmade Wedding Accessories

There are plenty of options when you are looking for bridal jewelry, and one of them is through online shops. These stores are the best option when you are looking forward to save on cash. Accessories that are sold online are 10% – 30% cheaper as compared to the actual retail price of physical stores.

wedding jewelry storesOne of the most popular online wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA, is Etsy. This online shop has thousands of options when you are looking for handmade items. In fact, they have accessories with the price of 25 cents to $100,000 in their catalogue.

When buying a handmade accessory for your wedding, the very first thing that you should examine is the metal type aside from the decoration. According to Etsy, the most preferred metal for bridal accessories is sterling silver. This type of metal is easy to maintain and could be worn on a daily basis. When picking this metal, make sure that it has a label of 925 or sterling silver. It means that it is composed of 92.6% silver and the rest is other metals like copper.

If your skin tone does not really look enhanced with silver, there is another classy option–gold. Gold could be availed in 14K, 18K and 21K. Most recommended sites for jewelers San Diego online gold trade are Big Cartel and Etsy.

Another variation of handmade bridal accessory metal is rose gold. This metal is really attractive since its color is deviating from the usual blingy type gold. You can get hold of this handmade metal type through stores like Forever 21 and Etsy.

When buying from online jewelry stores San Diego, please make sure that the shop has real physical stores or US address. You cannot leverage your right as a customer when the online shop has no physical stores in the US. The last thing you should worry about is buying handmade bridal accessories from shops abroad, additional info.

Before you press “purchase” on your screen, make sure that you read policy details. These details will tell you if the company is providing warranty, return policy, after sale service, and so on. As a customer, you should be assured that your product could be returned and replaced if it has any defect.

Most of all, paying an online in San Diego jewelers shop should not be done using a debit card. Make sure that you process the payment through a credit card. In this way, you can dispute the amount if the item did not arrive.

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