Top Wedding Decoration Style You Should Try

homeWith a little bit f tinkering, you can always transform your wedding reception into something magical. If you plan to decorate your wedding reception by yourself, you should be ready with some basic knowledge on how to make a reception pretty. You don’t need to go to an interior designing school just to decorate your own wedding. You can always learn how to decorate your wedding yourself by simply reading tons of information from the internet.

Here are some of the creative ideas that you can integrate on your own reception:

Drape fabric on ceilings

Always start with the basics. Usually, the ceilings of most receptions are the ones that are always forgotten. In order to set the tone of the event, you need to make the ceilings pretty by draping some fabric on it. If you want a jovial and festive tone, you can always integrate bright colored fabric like gold, yellow and etc. If you want it to be more elegant and formal, always go for champagne or white colored fabrics. For more wedding decorations tips visit top10weddingvendors.com.

Patterned pillows for lounge reception

It is natural for your guests to hang out inside your reception area right after they have eaten their meals. In order to make the lounge area aesthetically classy and beautiful, make sure that you accessorize it with some pillows. Not just pillows, but pillows that are covered with patterned fabric. You can always find these patterned fabrics from IKEA or other supermarket fabric sales.

Make use of candles

If you want the environment of your reception to be really calm and relaxing, make use of candles, the scented ones. There are so many reasons why this kind of décor trend is becoming popular. Aside from being inexpensive, this one is also very romantic. Tie the knot with scented candles simultaneously lit inside the reception. Before you do this, make sure that the reception does not have smoke detector. This one is perfect for outdoor or garden weddings held on a night time. You can check thebelltoweron34th.com/ for more ideas.

Play along with flowers

If there is a natural wedding décor that you should not skip, it is the flowers. Flowers are always elegant to look at especially when arranged properly. It could serve as a centerpiece on your ballroom hall; you can also make it is the main attraction in all the bridal tables. There are two types of flowers you can make use, the real and the fake ones. If you are saving money, you have the option to ditch the real blooms and go for the artificial ones. If you are creative enough, you can integrate the real blooms on your wedding cakes as there are edible flowers perfect for wedding cake decors.

You can also learn how to decorate your wedding yourself by heeding the advice of your wedding planners or the florist. In most cases, the reception provider of your event will already have pre-made design for your event. See the design for yourself and you can start from there. You can customize your décor as long as you want to for as long as it will not eat up other elements of your wedding.

It is also very important that your wedding vendors will comply with your decor. Make sure that your wedding caterer, photographer & videographer, jeweler and transportation vendors are all know what type of decor you’re pursuing.